Messaging Development

It's been one of the best kept secrets in the charitable world: OSV revenue has been turned into $75 million in grants since 1915.


National Reach.

Personal Impact.


The OSV Institute has supported organizations across the U.S., while focusing on the individual impact it's grants support. Communicating this effectively was the goal. Our team came up with the above messaging in order to guide our design team in building world-class documents that take the message to the next level. Keep scrolling to see more:

Website Development

86 took that message, and made it come alive with a dynamic, yet simple, website design; easy-to-navigate for users of any age. Click below to see the website live:


Print Materials

With the launch of their powerful new website, 86 built print collateral that allowed the OSV team to show it off at conferences and events.


Launch Campaign

We created a launch campaign for the OSV team to announce their new website through Social Media, Press Releases, Radio interviews and more.


Read the Press Release here.


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